1. Click the “Apply” link located to the right of the posting
    1. This will begin the process of generating an electronic version of The State of Texas Application for Employment for you to fill out a DocuSign version of The State of Texas Application for Employment
      • The form will be generated through our DocuSign application
      • The DocuSign form will allow you to quickly access, fill out, and sign your document electronically
  2. You will be prompted to fill in your name and email
  3. Once filled in, click either yellow “Begin Signing” button
    1. They are located at the center and top right of the page
  4. A “pop-up” will draw your attention to the “Finish Later” button
    1. This will allow you to continue signing the document later once you’ve started, preserving all information entered
  5. Click “Got It”
  6. Click “Continue”
  7. Click “Start” to begin filling out the application
    1. All cells and buttons highlighted with a red border require information or interaction
    2. All other boxes with a grey border are optional
  8. Once all required cells and buttons have either been populated with data or have been interacted with, click the yellow “FINISH” button
    1. The button is located at the bottom center of the last page and along the center of the blue ribbon located across the top of the page

You will then presented with a confirmation screen letting you know that you have successfully submitted your application. You will also see information about your next steps if you selected the “FINISH LATER” button.

A resume MUST be attached to your application. An attachment icon is located at the bottom right of the last page of the application for your convenience.