The 2019 Legislative Session concluded in May and the 86th Legislature passed laws that impact reimbursement to victims and service providers. To help you prepare for these new laws our office created this legislative update page.  This page lists and summarizes the applicable updates to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.


Legislative Section Update #1: Sexual Assault Exam Reimbursement

HB 616 made significant changes to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Arts. 56.06 and 56.065 regarding reimbursement for the forensic costs of sexual assault exams conducted after 8/31/2019.

Exams conducted after 8/31/2019
All applications for reimbursement of forensic costs will be submitted online by the medical provider.

  • The OAG is working on the system upgrades needed for the new sexual assault exam reimbursement process so providers will experience a slight delay in reimbursement.
  • All bills and documentation must be submitted online. No mailed or hard copy applications will be accepted.

Law enforcement must document, in a manner required by the OAG, their requests or denials of sexual assault exams for all reported sexual assaults. The OAG developed the Law Enforcement Agency Sexual Assault Exam Request form for this purpose.

  • This form must be used for all reported exams beginning 9/1/2019.
  • Law enforcement must provide the completed Law Enforcement Agency Sexual Assault Exam Request form to the medical provider conducting the exam, the victim, and retain for their records.
  • The OAG will require a copy of this form to be uploaded with each application for reimbursement of the forensic costs of the exam.
  • This does not apply to non-reported sexual assaults or exams conducted before 9/1/2019.

Exams conducted before 9/1/2019
All law enforcement reimbursement requests for forensic costs must be submitted within three years of the date of the exam, before 9/1/2022. There are no changes to the current law enforcement process for requesting reimbursement for the forensic costs of those exams.

Updated Sexual Assault Exam Reimbursement Website Pages

Updated Sexual Assault Exam Reimbursement Documents


Legislative Section Update #2: Relocation Costs for Crime Victims

HB 2079 amends the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure to allow for the relocation of children who are victims of a murder attempt in their residence for dates of crime after 8/31/2019. Relocation documents are currently being updated. While we transition, beginning 9/1/2019 the OAG will review applications for this crime and determine if you should be considered for compensation for relocation costs. If you are eligible, the OAG will tell you what documentation is needed for this new compensation.