The Crime Victims’ Compensation Portal is the online tool for victims, claimants, and
victim service professionals to access Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) and Emergency
Medical Care Compensation applications and claim information.

Portal Features

Victim Advocates
The CVC portal allows victim advocates to do the following:
• Prepare applications (for victims and claimants to submit through their user account)
• Upload supporting application documents
• Follow each step of the claim process with near real-time updates

Medical Service Providers
Once medical fee guidelines have been applied, medical service providers can review the
payment status of bills, and associated applications.

Accessing the Crime Victims’ Compensation Portal

Access to the CVC Portal is limited to designated individuals from approved organizations.
To receive access to the web portal, organizations must first apply for an account and
identify an account manager. Individual users can be added after organization approval.


Victims and Claimant Access

Victims and claimants register for the CVC Portal when submitting an online application.
Learn more about applying for CVC.

The CVC Portal and its features for victims and claimants are available for applications
that were submitted online after July 12, 2018.