Law enforcement and victims of sexual assault qualify for reimbursement of forensic and medical exams through the Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) Program.

HB 616, signed by the governor on 6/14/2019 and effective 9/1/2019, amends Chapter 56, Code of Criminal Procedure, to allow the OAG to compensate health care facilities, sexual assault examiners, and sexual assault nurse examiners directly for the forensic portion of a sexual assault medical exam. An online application process will be required for exams conducted after 8/31/2019. Exams conducted before 9/1/2019 will follow the current process for reimbursement to law enforcement. More details will be provided as the process is finalized.

A sexual assault exam includes two parts: forensic evidence collection to be used in the investigation of the criminal case and medical care for the evaluation and treatment of injuries.

  • Victims are responsible for the medical care costs of the exam.
  • Law enforcement is responsible for the forensic costs of the exam.

CVC can reimburse both costs.

Law Enforcement Reimbursement of Forensic Costs

CVC reimburses law enforcement agencies for the forensic costs associated with sexual assault exams. Law enforcement is not responsible for medical costs related to an exam.

Reimbursement Limits

Reimbursement is for reasonable costs not to exceed $1,000 for crimes committed after July 14, 2016. Reimbursement cannot exceed $700 for exams related to crimes committed before July 15, 2016.

Reimbursable Costs

CVC will reimburse law enforcement for costs such as examiner fees, place of service fee, exam fees, sexual assault kit, laboratory procedures, and certain other charges. For a detailed review of these costs, please see the Standard Costs Associated with Examination (PDF).

How to Apply for Reimbursement

Law enforcement agencies may apply for reimbursement by submitting the Sexual Assault Exam Reimbursement Application (PDF). Reimbursement requests must be submitted within three years of the date of the exam.

A complete application should include:

  • The date of crime
  • Appropriate verification signature
  • Attached bills with appropriate billing codes
  • Proof of payment

Mail your completed application to:

Attorney General of Texas
Crime Victims’ Compensation (009)
Law Enforcement Reimbursement for Sexual Assault Exams
P.O. Box 12880
Austin, Texas 78711-2880

For more information, see our Forensic Sexual Assault Examination Reimbursement Guidelines (PDF).

Victim Reimbursement of Medical Costs

The medical costs associated with the sexual assault exam are not covered by law enforcement. The victim may be held financially responsible for those costs. Victims may seek reimbursement from the CVC Program. There are two ways to apply for this compensation: Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) or Emergency Medical Care Compensation.

Find out how you can apply for compensation.

1. Crime Victims’ Compensation

This option allows you to apply for compensation for all eligible crime-related costs, including payment of the medical costs from the exam. To receive compensation for these costs, you must qualify and meet the basic CVC Eligibility Requirements.


2. Emergency Medical Care Compensation

This option allows you to apply for compensation for only the emergency medical care you received during a sexual assault exam at a hospital after August 31, 2015. To receive compensation for these costs, you do not need to meet the basic CVC eligibility requirements. With this option, you will not be considered for compensation for any other crime-related costs, such as follow-up medical care, counseling, or lost wages.

If you change your mind, you may apply for Crime Victims’ Compensation within three years of the date of the crime.