When parents split up, it’s hard on the whole family — especially children. Learning to parent as a team can transform your child's future.

Children deserve the love and support of both parents. That is why it is so important for you, as parents, to work together.

One of the first big decisions you will have to make after separating is how you will split time with your child. When you open a child support case with the Child Support Division, we can help you establish a court order that defines arrangements for custody and visitation. To learn more about custody and visitation, read our Access and Visitation page.

Resources for Parenting Together

We understand that making major choices about your child’s future can be stressful — especially if there is a conflict with your child’s other parent. We hope these tools and resources will empower you to improve your relationship for the benefit of your child.

"For Our Children: Learning to Work Together" (Video)

In this video, families share their experiences parenting together while living apart. They discuss how community resources helped them work through conflict and achieve a positive dynamic for their children.


Co-Parenting Guide

This guide accompanies the above “For Our Children: Learning to Work Together” video. It provides examples of parenting arrangements and information that can help you successfully collaborate to raise your child.

Download the Co-Parenting Guide

Access & Visitation Directory and Hotline

The Access and Visitation Directory is an online collection of helpful community services for families who are parenting together but living apart.

Visit the online Access & Visitation Directory

Along with the directory, we provide an Access and Visitation hotline. It’s a number both custodial and noncustodial parents can call for basic legal information—including questions about custody and visitation.

To speak with a hotline specialist, call (866) 292-4636

Parenting Two-Gether Guide

This booklet helps new parents through the first year of their child’s life. It provides ideas for building a strong connection to your child, tips for strengthening your relationship with the other parent and information on establishing legal paternity.

Download the Parenting Two-Gether Guide 

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