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The Child Support Division produces a number of helpful resources for parents, families, employers and our agency partners.


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Child Support Basics

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

This handbook answers everything you need (or want) to know about child support in Texas. 

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Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Program

If either of the two parents is deaf or hard-of-hearing, the Child Support Division is ready to help. Here's how. 

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Incarcerated Parents & Parents Returning to the Community

The official guide to child support involving parents who are incarcerated or returning to the community. You can also view the Incarcerated Parents section of our website. 

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Parents Re-Entering the Community

If you're returning to the community after leaving prison, here's everything you need to know about child support.

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Request for Review

If your circumstances have changed and you would like a review of your child support payment, please complete the online form or download, complete and mail the Request for Review form. You can also find additional information on the Get Back On Track section of our website.  

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The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA)

Explains how child support is collected when parents live in different states. 

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Learn more about paternity and child support here.

Video: Establishing Paternity

This video explains the role an Acknowledgement of Paternity plays in the establishment of paternity process.

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Paternity, Child Support and You

Read the definitive guide to paternity and child support in Texas. 

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Dad's Guide to Fatherhood: A Guide to Taking Care of Your New Baby

This guidebook will help quickly get new dads up to speed. What's it like to care for a new baby? The answers are here.

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Parenting Together, Living Apart

Learn more about Parenting Together, Living Apart here.

Parenting Two-gether

The first 12 months of a child's life are extremely important to his/her future. Learn how two parents who aren't married to each other can help raise their newborn with love and support. (PDF)

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Co-Parenting Video Series: "For Our Children: Learning to Work Together"

Watch this series of videos to learn how parents who aren't married to each other can work together for the sake of their children.

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Military Parents

If you or your child's other parent is in the military, child support might work a bit differently. Check out this complete guide to learn more. (PDF)

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Co-Parenting Guide

This guide accompanies the above “For Our Children: Learning to Work Together” video. It provides examples of parenting arrangements and information that can help you successfully collaborate to raise your child.

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Noncustodial Parents

Learn more about Noncustodial Parent (NCP) Choices here. 

Handbook for Noncustodial Parents

This guide explains the rights and responsibilities of noncustodial parents. 

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NCP Choices: The Basics & Enrollment

NCP Choices is a program that helps unemployed or under-employed noncustodial parents find work and get back on track. 

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NCP Choices: Flyer

A brief overview of the NCP Choices program. 

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NCP Choices: Poster

This large-scale poster explains what NCP Choices is and how to get involved. 

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Family Violence

Learn more about how the Child Support Division serves survivors of family violence in our Programs and Initiatives section.

Get Child Support Safely

For victims and survivors of domestic violence, the Child Support Division works hard to help you access child support services as safely as possible. Learn more about the services available and how to get help. 

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Child Support Information for Family Violence Survivors

A great resource for case managers who are working with survivors of family violence, this explains how the Child Support Division can help. 

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Learn more about the rights and responsibilities of employers in our Employers section.

New Hire Reporting for Texas Employers

This simple brochure explains the benefits of and process for, reporting new hires. 

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Quick Reference Guide for Texas Employers

An easy guide to help Texas employers understand their rights and responsibilities. 

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Community Services and Outreach

Learn more about Community Involvement

Volunteer With the CSD: Info & Application Form

Make an important difference in the lives of Texas children by volunteering with the Child Support Division. We need your help today!

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People marry for different reasons. There are a few things that almost everybody includes if you ask them what they want from their marriage. Here is a guide to help you figure out what you and your spouse want from your marriage.

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Child Support Guidelines Review

The Child Support Division reviews the child support guidelines found in Texas law at least once every four years to ensure that their application results in appropriate child support awards.

Learn more about the Child Support Guidelines Review.