Ken Paxton

Criminal Justice

The Office of the Attorney General participates in a broad range of activities to provide leadership and support to Texas prosecutors and law enforcement. Through investigation, prosecution, postconviction litigation, training and special initiatives, the OAG works to make the State of Texas a safer place in which to live.

Protecting Texas children is one of the Attorney General's top law enforcement priorities. A School Safety initiative launched in 2007 is designed to prevent violent incidents in schools and to provide an effective response when emergencies arise.

A Cyber Safety Town Hall Video and other materials educate parents, teachers and children about safe use of the Internet. A Teen Page and Kid's Page also reinforce the lesson that contact with strangers over the Internet can be dangerous.

A cooperative effort between OAG criminal investigators and local law enforcement agencies has yielded hundreds of arrests of child sex predators and dozens of convictions of child pornographers.

Attorney General investigators also work with local law enforcement and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to identify, locate, and arrest child sex offenders who violate the terms of their paroles and sex offenders who fail to register with law enforcement as required by law.

The Attorney General's Postconviction Litigation attorneys defend state felony convictions in both state and federal courts to uphold the sentences won by Texas prosecutors.

The OAG also works to locate and arrest parents guilty of criminal non-support of their children. The OAG maintains a list of Top Ten Child Support Evaders and hunts them down relentlessly.