The OAG Sexual Assault Training Program Certification establishes minimum standards for the certification of sexual assault programs that operate a sexual assault training program. The certification focuses on the provision of services for victims of sexual assault.

This OAG certification is available to sexual assault programs that are providing training to employees and volunteers that help prepare them to provide services for victims of sexual assault, including accompaniment during a sexual assault exam.  The OAG does not provide training under this certification.

Certification Requirements

To be certified, a sexual assault program must: 

  • Operate a sexual assault training program that meets the OAG SATP Certification Requirements 
  • Be either a current SAPCS-State grantee or provide information on their organization’s provision of minimum services  

View the OAG SATP Certification Guide to learn more (PDF).

Apply for Certification or Renewal

If your organization is interested in becoming an OAG SATP, if your organization seeks to renew your certification, or if you have any questions about this program, contact the SAPCS Program.

Email: [email protected].