Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a comment letter to the Biden Administration regarding the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s proposed rule to designate the prostrate milkweed as an endangered species, thus making portions of the Texas border a designated critical habitat. Texas values the protection of native plant and animal species, but this determination would further destabilize Texas’s border, hindering the construction of the border wall. In fact, the increased influx of illegal aliens through the designated habitat, without a border wall, will actually do more harm to the plant.  

“This absurd effort to paralyze Texas’s border control by putting a plant before the lives of Texans is another display of cowardice from the Biden Administration,” Attorney General Paxton said. “This wall will be built. Congress approved funding for this wall, and these cynical efforts to further burden the state of Texas will not stand. The statistics are staggering, and the president’s failed immigration policies have Texans paying the consequences.” 

Read of copy of the letter here