Attorney General Ken Paxton led a multistate letter urging President Biden to stop fast-tracking inflation by implementing expensive and unfunded measures to address his so-called “climate emergency.” Spending $2.3 billion on the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities program at a time of historically high inflation is irresponsible and adds to the ever-increasing pain Americans are feeling in their pocketbooks.   

Time has shown that technological progress driven by affordable energy has caused global deaths from natural disasters to decline by 98 percent since the 1920s. In contrast, the Biden Administration’s policies have imperiled our country’s energy independence and driven the cost of energy and gasoline through the roof for families and small businesses. 

“Moreover, recent power outages during extreme weather have demonstrated that expensive, subsidized, ‘green energy’ is no substitute for coal, nuclear, oil, and gas,” the letter states. “You announced that you want to help families with household energy costs, including summer cooling. But household energy, including air conditioning, does not work during blackouts that are caused by your policies.” 

Read the letter here.