Attorney General Ken Paxton released the following statement on today’s ruling imposing a nationwide injunction against the federal government for its new interpretation of what is known as the “Persuader Rule.” On May 10, 2016, Texas, Arkansas, and 9 other states intervened in the lawsuit to defend the right of the states to regulate the practice of law, and to ensure that communications with one’s attorney remain confidential and not reportable to the federal government.

“Today is a victory for the preservation of the sanctity of attorney-client confidentiality. Every American knows that when they talk to a lawyer, their conversation is confidential. That confidentiality has been the cornerstone of the attorney-client relationship since before our nation’s founding. If information confidentially given to one’s attorney is also accessible by the federal government, it would damage the very foundation of our system of justice.”

“The Obama administration’s repeated attempts to subvert the power of the people and place it into the hands of the Executive Branch suffered another defeat today. Power still rests with the people, not one man in Washington, and states still retain the authority to regulate practice of law within their own borders.”  

To view a copy of the Preliminary Injunction Order click here: