Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a motion for a preliminary injunction seeking to halt the Biden Administration’s unlawful vaccine mandate imposed on the Texas Army National Guard and the Texas Air National Guard. The Texas Governor, not the President nor any federal military official, possesses the power to direct disciplinary actions for any non-federalized Texas Guardsmen. This latest example of federal overreach threatens to undermine the Governor’s chain of command, blur the lines of accountability, and result in terminations or resignations that would hollow out the Texas National Guard and put all Texans at risk.  

“The Texas National Guard and the Texas Air National Guard are not governed by President Biden, and their orders do not come from the President,” Attorney General Paxton said. “The Governor of Texas is the commander-in-chief of this military establishment. We will not stand by while the Biden Administration attempts to weaken one of Texas’ few defenses at the border and leave Texans helpless.” 

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