Greg Abbott


Voter registrar, detailed administrative procedure governing submission, approval, cancellation of voter registration applications to be conducted by|Residence, student living in dormitory may establish dormitory as residence and permissibly register to vote in county where dormitory is located|Violations of section 13.007 of Election Code which makes it a criminal offense to submit false or fraudulent information on a voter registration application, local prosecutors are authorized to investigate and prosecute whenever credible evidence or comp|Voter registrar, local prosecutors have no authority to prevent voter registrar from performing the registrar's duties as provided by law|Voting and voter registration, both bodily presence and current intention on part of applicant or voter are necessary to establish residence for purposes of|Voting and voter registration, residence is defined to mean 'domicile,' i.e., one home and fixed place of habitation to which one intends to return after any temporary absence for purposes of

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