A political subdivision as defined in Tex. Gov’t Code § 2254.002(1)B), (C), or (D), may not enter into a contingent fee contract for certain legal services without review and approval by the Office of the Attorney General.  

To request review and approval of a contingent fee contract subject to Subchapter C of Tex. Gov’t Code § 2254, the political subdivision must complete and submit a Request for Review and Approval of Contingent Fee Legal Services Contract or Amendment of Such Contract for a Political Subdivision (“Request for Review”). Please read the Request for Review (PDF) in full before submitting it to the Office of the Attorney General.  

The Request for Review and all required documentation must be emailed to [email protected]   

Contact Information 

The Request for Review and the proposed contingent fee contract must be sent to [email protected]  

Questions may be directed to General Counsel  Division at [email protected].