A Montgomery County Grand Jury declined to indict a case involving a poll watcher’s claim that she was unlawfully obstructed from observing the signature verification committee (SVC) in the November 2020 election in Harris County, despite guidance from the Secretary of State that the watcher was entitled to observe. The case was presented in an adjoining county pursuant to Texas Election Code § 273.024. No prosecution will follow in this case.

The Attorney General’s Election Fraud Unit collected evidence from several sources, including Harris County election officials, the Harris County Attorney’s office, the Secretary of State, and citizens of Harris County. Although Harris County reversed its position and agreed to allow the poll watcher to observe the SVC, she had already left the polling location and did not return. After a complete review of the evidence and witness statements, the Election Fraud Unit concluded the investigation by presenting its evidence to a Grand Jury.

Following presentation of evidence, a Grand Jury is asked to decide whether probable cause exists to allow the State to move forward with prosecution. Due to the secrecy of Grand Jury proceedings under state law, no further information about what was said or done before the Grand Jury may be released. 

Read the letter of No Bill here.