The Attorney General serves as the state’s legal counsel; therefore, the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”) serves as legal counsel to all agencies. Agencies may not retain or utilize services provided by outside counsel without first receiving authorization and approval from the OAG. Pursuant to subsection 402.0212(f) of the Texas Government Code, OAG has adopted administrative rules related to outside legal counsel contracts of state agencies, university systems, and institutions of higher education (individually “agency” and collectively “agencies”).

If an agency requires legal services from any outside counsel whatsoever, regardless of the source of funds that would be used to pay for such legal services or the party engaging such counsel, it must first electronically submit to the OAG through DocuSign a Request to Retain Outside Counsel (“RtR”) and a proposed Outside Counsel Contract (“OCC”).

Upon receipt of the electronic RtR and OCC documents, the OAG will review them to determine whether the requested legal services should be provided by the OAG or whether retaining outside counsel would be in the best interests of the state. Within ten (10) business days after receiving the electronic documents, the OAG will process the RtR and OCC documents or notify the agency in writing that its request has been denied, or that additional information is required to make a decision.

Please read the Letter to Agencies and Prospective Outside Counsel (PDF) in full before submitting a request to retain outside counsel.

Con­tin­gent Fee Con­tracts For Polit­i­cal Subdivisions

For information regarding approval of contingent fee contracts for political subdivisions as defined by Tex. Gov’t Code 2254.002(1)(B), (C), or (D), please click here

Important Addresses and Contact Information

The Request to Retain Outside Counsel and the Outside Counsel Contract:

The Request for Voucher Approval:

Mail may be sent to:
Outside Counsel Contracts
Office of the Attorney General General
Financial Litigation and Charitable Trusts Division, Mail Code 017
Post Office Box 12548
Austin, Texas 78711-2548

Outside Counsel must submit administrative fees to:
Outside Counsel Invoice
Office of the Attorney General
P.O. Box 13175
Austin, TX 78711-3175

Questions may be directed to Financial Litigation & Charitable Trusts Division –

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