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Budget And Finance


Ken Paxton

Whether certain department meetings constitute budget preparation contrary to Local Government Code chapter 111 is fact specific and beyond purview of attorney general opinion|Common-law doctrine of incompatibility does not prohibit simultaneous employment as county employee and county budget officer

Ken Paxton

Authority of county to transfer funds from road and bridge account to general account to pay commissioner who performs road and bridge maintenance

Ken Paxton

Commissioners Court's use of Tax Code chapter 324 revenue to fund county health services

Ken Paxton

Whether a particular expenditure satisfies Texas Supreme Court three-part test in Texas Municipal League is determination for commissioners court in the first instance subject to judicial review|County may not spend county tax revenue to contribute to operation of county hospital district|Whether providing law enforcement services, grounds maintenance, and library for independent school district primarily serves a county purpose

Ken Paxton

With respect to specified programs authorized by section 381.004 of the Local Government Code for stimulating business and commercial activity in a county, the limitations on tax abatement agreements stated in subsection 381.004(g) do not apply to loans and grants made pursuant to subsection 381.004(h).

Loan and grants authorized by subsection 381.004(h) must comply with sections 52(a) and 52-a of article III of the Texas Constitution. Section 7 of article XI of the Texas Constitution may also impact how such loans and grants are structured, depending on the circumstances.

Subject to these constitutional limitations, subsection 381.004(h) leaves the duration and amount of economic development loans and grants to the commissioners court's budgetary discretion in the first instance.

Ken Paxton

Revenue generated from inmate use of a PIN debit system to pay for phone time must be credited to the county’s general fund.

Ken Paxton

Determination of threshold point triggering bidding requirements of County Purchasing Act

Ken Paxton

Constitutionality of paying a one-time bonus to administrative staff of county’s justices of the peace

John Scott

A court would likely conclude that: (1) the acquisition of a vehicle dedicated to transporting inmates to and from medical and mental health appointments is a permissible use of commissary funds under Local Government Code subsection 351.0415(c)(5); and (2) a sheriff has authority to expend commissary funds without first seeking the approval of the commissioners court. Whether a commissioners court may use money from the general fund to pay insurance and maintenance costs on a vehicle depends on whether the expenditure is provided in the budget. Local Government Code subsection 263.152(a)(1) applies to county-owned property.