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Political Subdivisions


Ken Paxton

Type C general-law municipality's authority to levy ad valorem taxes|The Tarrant County Hospital District is authorized by subsection 285.091(a) of the Health and Safety Code to structure the managerial and oversight authority of a physician group as it deems necessary to carry out the functions of or provide services to the District.

Ken Paxton

Municipal hotel occupancy tax revenue - If expenditure is for one of the specified uses listed in Tax Code section 351.101, municipality may expend municipal hotel occupancy tax revenue in the direct promotion of tourism and the convention and hotel industry|Directly

Greg Abbott

Transfer of tax lien, under section 32.06, Tax Code, tax assessor-collector, acting alone, may carry out the statutorily required duties related to\r\n\r\nTransfer of tax lien, neither the tax assessor-collector nor the governing body of the taxing unit is empowered to deny, if the conditions of section 32.06, Tax Code, are otherwise met\r\n\r\nTransferred tax lien, under section 32.06, Tax Code, court could conclude that closing costs and lien recordation fees are secured by

Greg Abbott

Accrual of penalty and interest on delinquent ad valorem taxes after county purchases real property