Ken Paxton


A court would likely conclude that a governmental entity improperly prohibiting handguns by oral or by a written notice that does not conform to Penal Code section 30.06 violates Government Code section 411.209.|Pursuant to Opinion KP-0047, it is only the courtrooms and those offices determined to be essential to their operations from which Hays County may prohibit concealed handguns without risk of incurring a civil penalty under Government Code section 411.209.|A concealed handgun license holder who refuses, after notice by the governmental entity, to exit premises from which Penal Code sections 46.03 or 46.035 prohibit handguns, commits an offense punishable as a misdemeanor.|A licensee who refuses to relinquish any concealed handgun or refuses to exit the building after being given notice by a governmental entity does not commit an offense if the building is not one from which Penal Code sections 46.03 and 46.035 prohibit concealed handguns.

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