Greg Abbott


Government Code subsection 51.607(a)directs the Comptroller to identify laws \\"that impose[] or change[] the amount of a court cost or fee.\\"|Government Code subsection 51.607(a) provides an illustrative list of the types of court costs or fees applicable under the subsection.|Under Government Code subsection 51.607(a), the phrase \\"fee or charge for services or to cover the expenses of a public official or agency\\" is not a separate category unto itself.|Government Code subsection 51.607 as a whole describes costs or fees that are judicial in nature.|Local Government Code section 118.011 sets out a county clerk\\'s fee schedule for several non-court-related fees. It permits a clerk to set and collect the Records Management Preservation Fee (RMP).|When implementing an official\\'s interpretation conflicts with the statute\\'s plain language, we cannot defer to the official\\'s view and must advise that the plain language be enforced.|Including|court cost or fee

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