Thank you for reaching out to the Office of the Attorney General regarding the survey administered by the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Coordinating Council.

We are providing the following list of frequently asked questions in the hope of helping you complete the survey to the best of your ability.


Am I the right person to fill out this survey?

This will depend on your organization and what you decide amongst yourselves. We encourage internal collaboration in order to determine who is the most appropriate person to complete the survey. We also encourage information-sharing across departments to mitigate multiple responses or duplication of efforts from a single organization. It may be wise to utilize an approval process from an executive in the organization, such as the CFO, to ensure only one survey is submitted on behalf of each organization and to secure the data needed for the most accurate responses.

Can I leave the survey and come back later?

You will be able to save and close the survey if needed. We recommend viewing the available PDF prior to beginning the survey so that you will have an idea what data you will need to compile.

What if I don’t know the answer to a question or set of questions?

You may answer ‘unknown’ or ‘other.’ Please see specific guidelines on your current survey page.

What if a question or set of questions does not apply to my organization?

We understand not all parts of the survey pertain to your organization. Please only fill out sections that pertain to you.

What if I am asked for duplicate or overlapping information?

Please answer with the information you have. We understand that certain data may include some overlap.

I don’t understand why I am receiving more than one ‘Human Trafficking Programs, Functions, or Services’ pages.

If your organization is responsible for more than one program, function, or service, you will need to answer all questions on the page for each program, function, or service.

Why is my answer being rejected?

Please ensure you remove any additional non-numeric characters from a field requesting a numerical value. Non-numeric characters include but are not limited to commas, percent signs, and decimals.

What definition are you using for certain terms or phrases?

If there are no additional instructions given on your current survey page, please define these terms or phrases in the way your organization would typically define them.

I am having trouble answering the funding questions.

We understand that pulling financial information may be difficult. Please do your best. Here is an example of one way to pull data:

You may identify dedicated funds as those funds allocated through the legislature for FTE’s assigned to an HT team. Another way to look at this is to identify the HT victims that were served by your organization and to multiply that by the cost needed to serve each (either average cost or if there are clear categories of costs – such as familial vs. non-familial victims, number of victims in each category times the cost to serve that category).

Can I forward the survey to someone else?

Yes. To forward the survey, simply send this direct link to the desired party.

My organization received several surveys, how many surveys do we need to fill out?

One. Each organization is required to fill out one comprehensive, coordinated response on behalf of the entire organization.


Further Questions? Please contact the Coordinating Council Helpline or call 800-252-8011.   We will do our best to assist you as questions arise and will respond as soon as possible to your inquiry.

Thank you again for helping us complete this critical undertaking that will impact human trafficking programs and efforts statewide for years to come!


The Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Coordinating Council