Applying for OAG Approval of a Commercial Lodging Human Trafficking Training

To submit a training program for approval by the OAG, download and complete the Training Application. If your training program is online, email a link to the training along with your completed application to [email protected]. If your training will be conducted in-person, include the presentation slides and an instructor’s outline with the completed application and email those materials to [email protected].  

The submitted training will be reviewed by the OAG using the Commercial Lodging Human Trafficking Training Standards evaluation. The review will be completed within approximately 60 business days of receipt of the completed training application. If a training is found to meet the standards, it will be added to the list of OAG-approved trainings. If the training is not approved, the OAG will provide the applicant with a detailed justification notice outlining the reason(s) for denial. If the applicant revises the training in accordance with the justification notice and Standards, the course may be re-submitted for a subsequent review following the same process. 

Application Review Process

Course  Training  Standards

Training  Application  Form